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Marble for home decoration application 2019-06-21

 Repeatedly use the seemingly gorgeous decorative materials such as lines and marbles, and casually match the luxury neoclassical furniture. Many people think that this is the key to easily control the European style. However, this simple European design technique has already made people feel tired and gradually faded out of the trend stage.

 In the use of materials, the designer uses a lot of natural jazz white marble to promote the natural agility of the space. The white wooden doors, the white dining table, and the wide use of white elements have laid a simple and bright tone for the entire space, giving people a visual experience that is like a cloud.

 The jazz white marble is lightly grooved and treated with black titanium edge banding. The noble and cold elements collide, showing a low-key and stylish taste. The café-colored hard-packed styling, the mosaic of the classic Damascus pattern, continues to be a bit dignified and dignified in the simple tone.

 The large-area silk-colored coffee-colored wallpapers create an elegant and mellow texture, like the aroma of fine wines, which overflows the entire space, allowing people to enjoy leisurely and endlessly. The post-modern black-and-white furniture accessories and soft visual experience make the whole space return to the romantic comfort of the home.

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