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How to create the perfect bathroom renovation with quartz vanity countertops 2019-09-24

Home owners everywhere often miss an opportunity to increase the value of their home and at the same time add additional luxury.

For some reason we seem to accept the bathroom as a place we spend very little time so we overlook the investment opportunity in terms of both value and comfort.

The bathroom is an integral part of any family home and as such deserves the same attention as our kitchen or other rooms.

The essential bathroom is an opportunity to really express your style and produce something spectacular while at the same time being functional in all aspects of its performance.

However, there are more considerations when making over your bathroom. Most new homes have multiple bathrooms from the en-suite in the master bedroom through to the generally shared family bathroom with just the necessary functional hardware that is needed.

There is an opportunity with bathrooms to have a continuity of a design style running through the home in every bathroom and water closet.

Why choose quartz for your bathroom vanity countertops?

This question is often asked and the answer is always conclusive. The quartz bathroom vanity countertop is ideally suited for residential renovation projects for many reasons.
Quartz is a material that is not in short supply anywhere in the world; its natural chemical composition makes quartz one of the hardest substances on the planet.
In terms of being very hard the scale for measuring hardness is measured on the Mohs scale which grades hard products from 1 to 10. Quartz reaches a whopping 7 on the scale which is very hard.
Unlike other naturally formed stone quartz is dense in its crystalline structure with molecules being bound very tight together which results in super hard and resilient material.
This makes quartz the perfect choice for the bathroom vanity countertop due to its moisture-resistant and anti-staining properties.

Engineered quartz countertops

Quartz countertops are an engineered product; this means the countertop is manmade. The manufacturing process is somewhat simple with a lot of supporting science to make a fantastic product.

Quartz is crushed into specific sizes as called for by the manufacturing plant and mixed with polymer resins, color pigments and sometimes other materials like glass and steel depending on the finish and appearance required.

Adding other products to the quartz mix provides unique visual accents to the countertop that can provide the homeowner with a bespoke product that offers the glitter of a contemporary product while remaining functional and practical.

The quartz and resin are then subjected to intense heat, pressure and vibration resonance which make the finished product incredibly hard and durable.

The properties of quartz after the engineering process make it a very hard vanity countertop which is impervious to stains, the quartz vanity countertop is easy to clean and will remain bacteria-free for the life of the product with minimal maintenance.

Unlike other hard stone materials quartz is available in a range of colors that and styles to offer the homeowner a consistent product throughout the home. You can also find unbelievable like for like imitations of marble in the quartz portfolio.

Not only is quartz the ideal choice for any bathroom setting quartz vanity countertops is surprisingly affordable while being super stylish.

Express your style with quartz bathroom vanity countertops

With space being at a premium in almost every bathroom it’s important to make this area work as best as possible. If the bathroom is small then choosing bright colors will give the perception of open space.

The quartz vanity countertop can make the smallest bathroom feel and look like you have walked into a space of luxury and privacy while at the same time being super functional.

Because quartz is an engineered product the possibilities for color is enormous, this gives the homeowner the unrivaled opportunity to make the home a statement and expression of the homeowner's personality.

The homeowner can add a feminine style with gorgeous shades of rose petal giving a warm and inviting appeal to the bathroom. Or choose a more moderate shade that will be pleasing to every eye.

Add some glitz to the countertop by choosing a quartz vanity countertop infused with sparkling glass or crystals giving the wow factor to your bathroom vanity countertop.

The opportunities for expression are endless and the truth is your home will be bespoke to your style, which is a fantastic way to celebrate your achievements in life.

Practical living

Let’s face it, the average family is busy with life would not appreciate polishing any buffing of vanity countertops which is required for other stone products; it is not a priority for most homeowners. The quartz vanity countertop not only looks fantastic and expensive it is completely functional as a bathroom surface.

We all know that bathrooms used by families with children take the punishment of daily use and can be difficult to keep in the best shape possible.

Quartz vanity countertops require simple cleaning; no need for bleach and aggressive chemicals, the hard surface of the quartz vanity countertop require minimal maintenance. A quick wipe with a mild detergent will remove toothpaste residue and other marks from splashes in the bathroom.

The quartz countertop provides the homeowner with an easy maintenance routine that will be appreciated for many years while enjoying the visual aspect of the quartz.

Planning your bathroom design

There are some considerations when planning or remodeling your bathroom. Before considering lighting and shower performance consider the vanity countertop. The countertop is an important feature in any bathroom design both visually and for its performance.

Do you require his and hers sinks? What type of sink is the preference for the homeowner and how will it be fitted to the quartz vanity countertop. How about the backsplash? Is the sink free standing or fitted against the wall. If freestanding how can the countertop space be managed?

These are just a few of the considerations that will need to be taken into account.

When taking all the considerations into account the homeowner will realize how important the vanity countertop is to the bathroom both in appearance and functionality.

For the discerning homeowner, there will be only one choice for the bathroom vanity countertop, that choice will be quartz.

The reason quartz vanity countertops become a number one choice in the bathroom has more than one factor.

Quartz vanity countertops will stand the test of time in the busiest residential setting. The quartz countertop will remain low maintenance without the need for special sealants for its entire life.

Quartz is completely functional and easy to clean and does not harbor bacteria in crevices like other surfaces.

When it comes to selling your home the quartz vanity countertop will add value to your home.


It is possible to install a small quartz vanity countertop as a DIY enthusiast however, Professional installation is recommended. Quartz countertops are dense and very heavy; the professional installer will have techniques for handling heavy countertops.

Installing the quartz countertop requires skill and dexterity that the average DIY enthusiast may not have. Fitting the sink if not already pre-fitted can be tricky and will require special adhesives to prevent leaks.

The average vanity unit can be installed in a few hours and ready for use immediately after the installation.

Where to purchase quartz vanity countertops

Quartz is becoming a leading choice of homeowners due to its unique appearance and the vast range of eye-appealing colors that just about cover the complete color spectrum.

DIY stores now stock quartz countertops and offer a sub-contracting installation service.
There are considerations when purchasing from a DIY chain of stores such as do they have the complete range of quartz countertops and complementary sinks and taps?
It is certainly a wise option to visit a professional stone merchant who will have the best knowledge and advice to offer the potential buyer. The stone merchant will not necessarily be more expensive than the DIY store but will be able to offer a depth of knowledge that will surpass that DIY store staff.
Some stone merchants who stock quartz will have years of experience when it comes to providing the homeowner with professional installation service and will be able to provide a portfolio of references.

Make your home more desirable to potential buyers

Remodeling a bathroom and water closets is a mistake that many homeowners make and miss the opportunity to maximize the sale price of their property.

The bathroom is an important part of daily home life and the amount of time spent in a bathroom can vary but the truth is we all use the bathroom multiple times every day. Making the bathroom appealing is an area that prospective home buyers appreciate.

The quartz vanity countertop offers clean classic lines and looks as if the homeowner has taken pride in the home that will reflect throughout the property.

The truth is the quartz vanity countertop may cost as little as five hundred dollars. This small investment has not only given the property a feeling of contemporary luxury it has added thousands of dollars to the sale price. Or closed the deal faster than expected, ether situation is worth the small investment to remodel the bathroom and utilize quartz countertops.

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